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Bauman Medical is fortunate to be an award-winning and internationally renowned center for hair restoration. Bauman Medical was founded and is led by board-certified and fellowship-trained hair restoration surgeon Dr. Alan Bauman. Dr. Bauman is an industry leader, recipient of numerous peer awards and has been quoted in countless news articles pertaining to his expertise as a hair restoration surgeon. Dr. Bauman was recently voted North America’s #1 Top Hair Restoration Physician for the 4th consecutive year. Bauman Medical has treated over 30,000 patients and performed over 9,000 hair transplant surgeries to date.

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We have the expertise to treat almost all types of hair loss. The most common types of hair loss we treat are:

  • Male Pattern Hair Loss
  • Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Plastic Surgery-Related Hair Loss (Browlift of Facelift Scars)
  • Traumatic Scars from Injury or Burns
  • Eyebrow Loss
  • Eyelash Loss / Weak Eyelashes
  • Hereditary High Hairline
  • Hair Loss due to Medications, Nutritional Deficiencies, Stress, Hormone Imbalances
  • Hair Loss due to Hair Breakage
  • Hair Loss due to Scalp Inflammation

For men, male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss. It is characterized by thinning hair beginning at the temples and the crown of the head. Over time, the hair at the temples continues to recede, leaving a central patch of hair at the front of the hairline and a growing bald spot at the crown. Eventually, as the hair loss in these areas widens, the baldness at the front and crown meet to form one large bald spot. Depending on the rate of progression of the hair loss, all that remains is a ‘border’ of hair around the side and back of the head. Male pattern hair loss is a concern for many men because as the hairline recedes, the face takes on a more aged appearance. Hair loss is seen by many as an unwanted sign of ‘premature’ aging. Male Pattern Hair Loss is “Chronic” and “Progressive:” It is well documented that men who are prone to male pattern hair loss will continue to lose more hair if the condition is not treated.

If you are a woman experiencing shedding or thinning hair, you are in the company of an estimated 20 million American women who also suffer from hair loss. Unfortunately, many women mistakenly believe they are the only female with this condition because it is a common misconception that hair loss is something that only happens to men. While women typically experience a somewhat different hair loss pattern than men, the onset of hair loss in both sexes can occur anytime after the teenage years.

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